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Welcome-BeatrixBrokers En Route Inc. is a Brokerage offering one on one, door to door service. Patrick Moore personally has 19 years experience in the insurance industry and 29 years experience building client relationships. At our disposal, we have a further 60+ years of insurance knowledge and expertise through our many sub-broker companies and underwriting availability. As a smaller brokerage we esteem to get to know our clients on a personal level whilst still maintaining our competitive prices amongst the bigger guys in the industry.

We are very proud of our sponsor Optimum West and fully benefit from their excellent customer service, excellent claims response, and knowledgeable underwriting skills. Our partnership with Optimum West allows us to be tops in both premium and accessibility based on their Head Office being in Edmonton.

Our Commercial Property department Specializes in Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, Wine Stores, Pubs, Restuarants, Condominiums, Complex and Other Hard To Place Risks

Our Commercial Auto department Specializes in small contractors such as small construction companies, small plumbing outfits, where our rates are again tops in the field

Our Personal department Specializes in Automobile Insurance, Residential Insurance, and Rv's/Trailers/Motorhomes (our rates and coverage here exceed the standard)


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